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mastersonic3's News

Posted by mastersonic3 - June 28th, 2013

Im trying out After-Effects and other shiz on Flash.
I'll post one of my projects here, Since I haven't uploaded anything in a while...

Posted by mastersonic3 - March 2nd, 2013

The chaotic group is making a wall destruction collab.
If you want to join ask me: master.sonic3 on skype.
I hope it turns out great.



Posted by mastersonic3 - December 16th, 2012

It's been about 4 months of animation training now, and i think im ready to make a flash collab.
~What is it gonna be about?
***TRailer**** Collab Trailer
-The warpPipe challenge is where a FC/OC fights random enemies or opponents that come out from the WarpPipe, The character must achieve and defeat all enemies.
This collab was made from The Sprite-Central-Station group ( the idea)
That group is on DEviantART Sprite-CEntral-Station
''The Distination to spriters''
So if you wanna join just ask me.
If you have more questions tell me.

Posted by mastersonic3 - November 12th, 2012

Im working on other animations now so,
If your interesting in seeing them go to my DeviantARt page ^^
Thanks for reading,

*Sorry i haven't been on NG lately. Busy and stuff..

Oh and BTw here is a poster i made for my upcoming mario parody.

Working on other animations,

Posted by mastersonic3 - October 9th, 2012

Yes people im gonna do a mario castle collab! i already got some really good animators by my side to help me, i got inspired by the people who did Mario Castle collab 1 and 2 and the Mario Castle Calamity. If you want to join just read this rules ^^
*Must animate at 30Fps.
*Screen must be 600 width and 350 height
*You must be creative make it atleast a little funny, if you don't have ideas tell me i have some that some people gave to me there actually pretty funny.
*Mario Castle items This file contains what you need for the mario castle collab so don't spend time looking for the stuff you need.
That's all for now.
If you have any questions please ask me i will be kind to answer them.
Here are some unfinished shorts they still need editing but they will soon get better.
Mario Shorts (WIP)

Mario's Castle Collab 2012

Posted by mastersonic3 - September 30th, 2012

Im gonna start working on my series now, here is episode 1 (Very Short just 90 seconds) http://mastersonicth.deviantart.com/art/Sonic-Al l-At-War-Episode-1-328645095?q=gallery%3Amasters onicth%2F34616828&qo=9
Info about my series:
*Classic sonic having a normal day when he catches Dr. Robotnik up to his no good again, he fights him for a while but he has a ultimate weapon with chaos energy. When Dr. Robotnik shoots sonic the chaos energy breaks and explodes leaving a result with Negative energy.... This negative energy affected chaos control and caused sonic's present and future to collide. Will Sonic And Classic Sonic be able to stop his old enemies again? find out soon.
***Voice Actors**
Im gonna do episode 2 with voice actors, so if your interested go to my page to see wich one you can voice.
http://mastersonicth.deviantart.com/art/Wich-Cha racter-do-you-want-to-Voice-329835573

Sonic All At War Episode 2

Posted by mastersonic3 - September 28th, 2012

Alright, the tournament is going well, i got all the fighter's sheets ready and the animators animating.

New things im working on:

*My fight for the tournament was good, but im gonna make some more edits. (Soon)
*Im working on team battles, if you have a sonic FC or kirby Fc, or mario, or anything Etc. I will make them fight, (Just to improve my fighting animation skills)
*Im working on my own series as well, its called Sonic all at war trailer* Here is episode 1 scene 1:
Sonic all at war episode 1
*Im also Working on a ***Sonic SHORT!!!!! I've been practicing my animation skills my friends say i've improved alot, so im gonna give it a try. Although, I need Voice Actors for this characters:
*Sonic The hedgehog
*Merlina the wizard
*King Arthur
*Monster 1
*Monster 2
***Those Characters are from ''Sonic and the black knight''
Well thats all i got for now New-grounds, here are some animations i did in case you want to see them, ^^
*SuperSonic Test: Ss.test
*Team Battle 1 (Progress) teamBtt.
*Sonic V.s Coockie: S.V.sCooki

***Thanks for reading :)

New Things Going on*

Posted by mastersonic3 - August 29th, 2012

Here we go!
So i been working on this for 4-6 months trying to get people to join, and i accomplished my goal and got some members but i still need more!
I already got 5 members who submitted 5 Fc(Fan Characters) Must be Sonic FC. And there preety good some are not done with their sheets, but they got plenty of time.
If you want to join read this please:
*Your FC has to be a sonic FC for example look at the pic below.
* You must have your FC a normal fighting sheet for the battle.
If you want to be an animator Read this please:
*You must use adobleflash to animate: Flash cs3,cs4,cs5,cs6 or macromedia flash 8.
* fight must be at least 45 Seconds long. or as long as you want.
* When finished send me the Fla. through dumping grounds or as an email: SEnd it here: Mastersonicdavid3@gmail.com
People who already joined:
Members (At my journal)
Thanks to SteveTheSnake for being an animator, check his page here: STeveTheSnake
Thanks for reading, Please join!
Ask me if you have any questions Follow me to hear my latest news and animations: Follow me :)
***By the way here is a great sprite made by SteveTheSnake check his page, its a contest and he made this super sonic sprite i think it looks great. Go to his page! (Link Above)

Sonic Tournament Collab

Posted by mastersonic3 - August 22nd, 2012

Well, Im working on my Flash,art, and sprites. I got some stuff done but i uploaded in Deviantart MasterSonic3 DA.
I will try my best thanks to some Users out there for helping me out, especially my friends.
*Here is the percent So far im working one by one so here it is:
*Sonic Test: 85%
*Sonic Rpg Test: 100%
*Battles/Fights: 5% (I been having trouble with these)
*Journey to the Seven Chaos emeralds: 45% (Part1 and 2 are on DeviantArt)
*Super Sonic Sprite tourament: 25% (I been loosing some members and i havent got any animators yet if you want to join please tell me For more info: go to my journal in DeviantArt

Posted by mastersonic3 - August 7th, 2012

Ok, My sonic sprite tournament is slowly getting done. While that im going to be finishing my other projects I been working at, here is the percent:
??? The Hedgehog part 2: 35%
Sonic test: 55%
Journey to the chaos emeralds part 3: 40%
Fights: Mario vs sonic, mecha sonic vs sonic, and super sonic vs Luigi: 10%
Super Sonic sprite tournament: 20%

I will try very hard on them, if you have any questions please ask thank you :)

Lets Go!